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Determinants and Sources of Development of Enterprises in the Region


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CONTENTS:   Preface  I. REGION AS THE LOCATION FOR CONDUCTING BUSINESS  ACTIVITY Mariola Grzebyk Regional development determinants – selected aspects from the theoretical point of view Jolanta Zawora, Paweł Zawora The role of municipality self-government in supporting local development Svitlana Shults Terms and perspectives of regional economic policy realization in Ukraine Maksym Maksymchuk Institutional problems of entrepreneurship activity development in a region II. PROBLEMS OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Roman Fedan Transport routes in the spatial activation of the Podkarpackie region Iryna Storonyanska, Mariya Kozoriz Forming of the system of regional development for financial maintenance management Halyna Voznyak Conceptual basics of forming and realization of regional development financial policy Ihor Nazarkevych Leverages of local self-government influence on the entrepreneurship development of the region Petro Zhuk, Olha Demedyuk Instruments of activation of mountain territories economic development in terms of Ukraine Iryna Tymechko, Olha Demedyuk, Оryslava Fedoryshyn, Yulia Tsybulska Cross-border market development III. ROLE OF HUMAN AND SOCIAL CAPITAL Ulyana Sadova, Igor Baranyak Socio-demographic determinants of regional economic development under the integration processes Maryana Melnyk Strategy of forming socially oriented business environment Volodymyr Bidak, Sergiy Tsapok Modernization of youth labor maintenance of the region under the conditions of growing globalization challenges of social systems’ economic activities Olga Ryndzak, Oleksandr Mahonyuk Living habit as a factor of social capital mobilization in the region Lyubov Semiv Motivational monitoring of the human capital development IV. INNOVATIONS AND INNOVATIVENESS IN A REGION Martin Mizla Innovation and potential Olena Lutskiv Innovative vector of enterprises development in the Western Region of Ukraine Pavlo Skotnyy Development of technologies and innovations through virtualization of economy Lidia Kaliszczak, Katarzyna Karbowiak Innovativeness as a foundation for competition among enterprises (on the basis of agritourism farms) V. COOPERATION OF ORGANISATIONS FOR THE BENEFIT OF A REGION Matvyeyev Yevheniy, Tymechko Iryna, Demedyuk Olha Specific features of organization of new cross-border cooperation forms Agata Pierścieniak Collaboration between science and business – a systemic approach Nadiya Mikula, Oksana Tsisinska Cross-border clusters in Ukrainian-Polish border area Katarzyna Szara Kinds and character of joint-action in an organisation within a region Volodymyr Demchenko Network structures and regional development       List of Authors

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