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Development of the Small and Medium Enterprises in Poland in Comparison with European Union Member States, Prace Naukowe Wydziału Ekonomii Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, seria: Monografie i Opracowania nr 10

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Contents: PREFACE, Chapter I: SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES AS AN INDICATION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 1.1. Genesis and growth of small and medium enterprises in the light of entrepreneurship theory, 1.2. The primary features of small and medium-sized enterprises, 1.3. Conditionings and barriers to entrepreneurship development, Chapter II: ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN EUROPEAN UNION MEMBER STATES: 2.1. Law foundations for the functioning of enterprises in the SME sector in selected European countries, 2.2. SME sector in the European Union countries, 2.3. Importance of the SME sector in selected areas of the economy, 2.4. Constraints on business performance, 2.5. Innovativeness of small and medium-sized enterprises, 2.6. Policy of supporting SMEs competitiveness, Chapter III: DEVELOPMENT OF THE SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES SECTOR IN POLAND: 3.1. Quantitive structure of the sector of SME and its changes in the years 1994–2008, 3.2. SME sector in developing GDP and employment, 3.3. Investment activity of the SME sector, 3.4. Evaluation of the economic position of the small and medium enterprises sector, 3.5. Innovativeness of small and medium enterprises, Chapter IV: SYSTEM OF SUPPORTING DEVELOPMENT OF SME SECTOR IN POLAND: 4.1. Procedures of establishing own activity – one window principle, 4.2. Institutional environment, 4.3. Absorption of European Union resources, Chapter V: NEW POSSIBILITIES OF DEVELOPMENT OF SME SECTOR IN THE UNITED EUROPE – SELECTED ISSUES: 5.1. Clusters as the change for increasing competitiveness of small and medium enterprises by cooperation, 5.2. Changes in forms and structures financing SMS in the European Union, 5.3 Changes in the regional policy for the benefit of supporting business environment and entrepreneurship, 5.4. Crisis versus entrepreneurship development conditions, CONCLUSION, BIBLIOGRAPHY.

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