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A Study of Postmodern Literature in Translation as Illustrated Through the Selected Works of Thomas Pynchon

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TABLE OF CONTENTS   TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS AND TYPOGRAPHIC CONVENTIONS   INTRODUCTION   Chapter 1 LITERATURE AND TRANSLATION 1.1. In search of a definition 1.1.1. Much, much after Babel 1.1.2. Haunted by dichotomies (Non) Verbum pro Verbo Linguistically oriented theory The binary saga continues Any alternatives Translation is for turning Translation by metaphors 1.1.3. Translation (im)possible vs. how much translatable 1.1.4. Unit of translation 1.1.5. Interdisciplinarity 1.2. What is literature 1.2.1. Literariness 1.2.2. The carnivalesque by Bakhtin 1.2.3. Intertext by Kristeva 1.2.4. Dissemination by Derrida 1.2.5. Eco’s Model Reader 1.3. Literary translation 1.3.1. What is in a form 1.3.2. Translation-specific typology by Reiß 1.3.3. Translation theories related to literary works 1.3.4. Translator’s codes 1.3.5. The dominant   Chapter 2 POSTMODERN FICTION AND THE WORKS BY THOMAS PYNCHON 2.1. The philosophy behind 2.2. Literature is rhizomatic 2.3. Postmodern fiction and its forces or the grotesque fallacy of a realistic art 2.4. Pynchon – the Postmodernist 2.4.1. The dominant in Pynchon The ontological dominant Heteroglossia Entropy Double-coding, satire, parody, irony and pastiche Creative paranoia or connectedness Encyclopaedicity 2.4.2. More dominants 2.4.3. The sacral dominant 2.5. Translation of (postmodern) literature 2.5.1. Appropriating Deleuze or the rhizomaticity of translation 2.5.2. Appropriating entropy or the rhizomaticity of the Third Language 2.5.3. The foreign and the familiar 2.5.4. Postmodern literature in translation – the premises   Chapter 3 THE ANALYSIS OF THE TRANSLATION OF THE WORKS BY THOMAS PYNCHON 3.1. or the dilemmatic extent of foreignisation 3.1.1. in conclusion 3.2. or metaleptic violations 3.2.1. in conclusion 3.3. or the extent of echoness 3.3.1. in conclusion 3.4. or the rem(a)inder – the domestic sampling of the foreign 3.4.1. The sociolinguistics of 3.4.2. or new words for postmodern worlds 3.4.3. in conclusion 3.5. or textual hieroglyphicity 3.5.1. in conclusion 3.6. or the limits of (re)creation 3.6.1. in conclusion 3.7. or the foreignizing aporia 3.7.1. in conclusion 3.8. or the Puritan reflex 3.8.1. in conclusion 3.9. or the edge of revelation 3.9.1. in conclusion 3.10. or the unreal reel 3.10.1 in conclusion 3.11. < ∞ >   CONCLUSION   A RHIZOMATIC DICTIONARY OF TRANSLATION   REFERENCES

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