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A Thematic Guide to English Interactional Gambits, wyd. 2

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Skrypt dla studentów filologii angielskiej do przedmiotu „Praktyczna nauka języka angielskiego”.

Contents: Acknowledgements, By way of opening: Attracting attention, Question and enquiry markers, Asking for explanation, Expressing a need, Making a problem, Divulging a plan, Giving a reason, Marking a result, Offering a traditional solution, Breaking the news, Incredulity markers, Marking hearsay, Sharing confidential information, Expressing opinion, Marking a conviction, Marking preference, Marking guesswork, Drawing inferences from appearances, Expressing reality, Marking frequency, Marking ignorance, Marking the limits of one’s knowledge, Marking dislike, Marking rejection, Marking hesitation, Marking reservation, Marking contingency, Marking concession, Marking a suggestion, Marking an offer, Offering advice, Changing the subject, Expanding a topic, Adding an item, Itemisation markers, Marking the order of importance, Marking emphasis, Exemplifying a point, Marking exceptions, Marking encouragement, Marking incomprehension, Cross-check gambits, Rewording gambits, Getting it straight, Marking interpretation, Interrupting gambits, Interrupting to add a point, Returning to the topic, Marking the oder side of an argument, Marking agreement, Marking partial agreement, Marking strong disagreement, Marking mild disagreement, Generalising gambits, Summarising gambits, Concluding gambits, Marking sympathy, Marking lack of sympathy, Compliment markers, Host/guest markers, Terminating a conversation, Marking leave-taking, Miscellaneous gambits involving inversion, Recommended reading, Bibliography, Index.

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