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Academic English Grammar for Polish Students


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TABLE OF CONTENTS:   PREFACE   I. ABOUT /ENGLISH/ GRAMMAR 1. WHAT IS TYPICAL OF THE /ENGLISH/ LANGUAGE? 2. THE LANGUAGE SYSTEM – LANGUAGE LEVELS 3. APPROACHING ENGLISH GRAMMAR GLOSSARY I   II. VERB 1. WHAT DOES A VERB DO? 2. WHAT IS CONSIDERED A VERB? 3. FULL VERBS 3.1. Morphological Description 3.1.1. Morphological Verb Forms 3.1.2. Regular and Irregular Verbs 3.1.3. Finite Verbs The overview of Grammatical Categories Person and Number Mood Voice Tense and Aspect 3.1.4. Non-finite Verb Forms The Infinitive The Participle 3.2. Lexical Description 3.3. Syntactic Description 4. PRIMARY VERBS 5. MODAL VERBS 5.1. The Inventory and Typology 5.2. Morphological and Syntactic Description 5.3. Lexical Description of Selected Central Model Verbs GLOSSARY II   III. ADVERB 1. WHAT DOES AN ADVERB DO? 2. WHAT IS CONSIDERED AN ADVERB? 3. GRADABILITY IN ADVERBS 4. LEXICAL DESCRIPTION OF ADVERBIALS 5. SYNTACTIC DESCRIPTION OF ADVERBIALS 6. AN OVERVIEW OF ADVERBIALS 6.1. Adverbials of Manner 6.2. Adverbials of Place 6.3. Adverbials of Time 6.4. Adverbials of Frequency 6.5. Adverbials of Degree, Modality and Focus 6.6. Disjuncts and Conjuncts GLOSSARY III   IV. ADJECTIVE 1. WHAT DOES AN ADJECTIVE DO? 2. WHAT IS CONSIDERED AN ADJECTIVE? 3. MORPHOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION OF ADJECTIVES 4. LEXICAL DESCRIPTION OF ADJECTIVES 5. SYNTACTIC DESCRIPTION OF ADJECTIVES GLOSSARY IV   V. NOUN 1. WHAT DOES A NOUN DO? 2. WHAT IS CONSIDERED A NOUN? (THE FORMATION OF NOUNS) 3. MORPHOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION OF NOUNS 3.1. The Overview of Grammatical Categories 3.2. Number 3.3. Countability 3.4. Determination 3.5. Gender 3.6. Case 4. LEXICAL DESCRIPTION OF NOUNS 5. SYNTACTIC DESCRIPTION OF NOUNS GLOSSARY V   VI. DETERMINERS & PRONOUNS 1. DETERMINERS 2. PRONOUNS GLOSSARY VI   INDEX   APPENDIX   BIBLIOGRAPHY   EXERCISES   KEY

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