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An Academic Text as a Perceived Barrier to Practising Interdisciplinary Research

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Contents Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter One: Setting the scene 1.1 The consequences of ‘turning interdisciplinary’ 1.2 An academic text as an additional barrier to developing interdisciplinary research 1.3 Research into the use of dictionaries and its implications for the present project Summary of Chapter One Chapter Two: Reducing the ‘Early Dropout’ Rate 2.1 The conceptual and methodological background 2.2 The scope of the field of generic creativity research 2.2.1 Topics recreated from research into the early predictors of creative eminence 2.2.2 Topics recreated from research into adult creativity Personality and motivational factors Creative process Creativity as related to mental illness Press as related to creative performance Creativity in terms of distinct types 2.3 Discussion of the results 2.4 Other problems encountered at this initial stage Summary of Chapter Two Chapter Three: The search for specifics 3.1 The conceptual and methodological underpinnings 3.2 In search of definitions of creativity 3.3 In search of theories of creativity 3.4 In search of information on organizational creativity 3.5 Results and discussion Summary of Chapter Three Concluding Remarks Afterword References Texts analyzed in Chapter Two Texts analyzed in Chapter Three

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