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Analecta Archaeologica Ressoviensia, vol. 13: Gone with the Wind? Early Medieval Central Places in Today’s Rural Areas. Between Research, Preservation and Re-Enactment: An Introduction

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Iwona Florkiewicz, Marcin Wołoszyn
, Gone with the Wind? Early Medieval Central Places in Today’s RuralAreas. Between Research, Preservation and Re-Enactment: An Introduction
Paweł Grata, Poland A and Poland B – Developmental Disproportions on Polish Lands in the 19th and 20th Century (Prior to 1939)
Michał Pawleta, The Ludication of the Archaeological Past – Opportunities and Threats
Laïla Ayache, Katarzyna Skowron, Une ville gauloise cachée dans la forêt – l’exploration et la mise en valeur de l’oppidum de Bibracte (France)
Kirił Marinow, North Latins on the Bosphorus? A Few Words on the East Mediterra-nean, Byzantine and Orthodox Studies in the Ceraneum Centre, University of Łódź (Poland)
Błażej Stanisławski, Şengül Aydingün, Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Investigations in East Thrace
Perica Špehar, Nevena Debljović Ristić, Olga Špehar Stari (Old) Ras and Sopoćani: Challenges and Possibilities in Manag-ing the UNESCO Cultural Heritage
Ágnes Ritoók, Blowing in the wind, sinking in the swamp: Mosaburg – Zalavár
Matej Ruttkay, Karol Pieta, Zbigniew Robak, Reconstruction and Making Archaeological Sites Available to the Public – Example of the Early Medieval Sites in Nitra and Bojná
Michael Strobel, Thomas Westphalen, Ist Gana noch zu retten? Über den Zustand frühmittelalterlicher Burgen im ländlichen Sachsen
David F. Hölscher, From Prosperity to Oblivion: The Slavic Settlement at Gaarz in Ost- Holstein
Charlotta Lindblom, UNESCO and World Heritage Management in Jelling – Opportuni-ties and Challenges
Agnieszka Stempin, The Early Piast Settlement on Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) in Poznań – the Popularisation of Heritage from the Standpoint of the Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve
Arkadiusz Tabaka, Historical Cultural Spaces – Adaptation and Functioning. The Case of the Museum of the First Piasts at Lednica
Maciej Trzeciecki, Stronghold on St. Peters’ Hill in Radom (Poland). Archaeology, Biography of Place, and Practices of Memory
Bartłomiej Bartecki, The Goths’ return to the Hrubieszów Basin. The social use of archaeological heritage for building a local identity
Marek Florek, Some Issues Related to the Problem of Heritage Conservation of Archaeological Complexes in Czermno (Tomaszów Lubelski County) and Gródek (Hrubieszów County)
Jan Gancarski, Paweł Madej, The Carpathian Troy – Archaeological Open-Air Museum in Trzcinica
Vira Hupalo, The Princely City Zvenyhorod: The Condition of Conservation, the Concept of Protective Measures and the Prospect of Scientific Research
Anna Peskova, Kirill Mikhaylov, The Large Fortified Settlement Near Shepetivka: History of the Medieval Settlement – History of the Archaeological Site
Tatjana Nekljudova, Alexander Baškov, Das archäologische Museum „Berestje“. Die Geschichte der Musealisierung der archäologischen Stätte und die aktuelle Museumsentwicklung
Justina Poškienė, Lithuanian Troy: Preservation and Interpretation of Kernavė, UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological Site

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