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Awaken the Researcher Within You. A Friendly Guide To Writing a Research Paper in Translation Studies

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TABLE OF CONTENTS   ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1: BEFORE YOU START 1.1 Find your motivation 1.2 Adopt the “can-do” attitude 1.3 Stimulate your brain in a natural way 1.4 Plan your work and manage your time 1.5 Communicate with your supervisor CHAPTER 2: TAKING THE FIRST STEPS 2.1 Areas of research in translation studies 2.2 Choosing the topic 2.3 Research questions and hypotheses 2.4 Research methods CHAPTER 3: STRUCTURING YOUR RESEARCH PAPER 3.1 From title page to references 3.2 Style sheet 3.3 Punctuation and typography CHAPTER 4: Writing your research paper 4.1 Preparing the theoretical part 4.1.1 Selecting and evaluating resources 4.1.2 The rules of quoting 4.1.3 Paraphrasing 4.1.4 Plagiarism 4.1.5 Using footnotes . 4.1.6 Using the appropriate language 4.1.7 Useful expressions 4.1.8 Smooth transitions between the sections 4.2 Preparing the empirical part 4.2.1 Purposes and methodology 4.2.2 Conducting the analysis and presenting the results 4.2.3 Writing conclusions 4.3 Writing an abstract and selecting key words 4.4 Compiling the list of references 4.5 Appendices 4.6 Revising and editing your paper 4.7 Evaluating your research CHAPTER 5: DEFENCE – TAKING THE FINAL STEP 5.1 Preparing for the defence 5.1.1 The art of effective presentations 5.1.2 Successful question-and-answer sessions 5.2 What does the exam look like? 5.3 And then….? RESEARCHER’S LIBRARY 1. DICTIONARIES AND ENCYCLOPEDIAS 2. GENERAL PUBLICATIONS ON TRANSLATION STUDIES 3. PUBLICATIONS ACCORDING TO SPECIFIC FIELDS 4. TRANSLATION JOURNALS APPENDIX 1: SAMPLE TITLE PAGE APPENDIX 2: REVIEWING CRITERIA REFERENCES

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