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Between the East and the West. Dynamics of Social Changes from the Eastern Carpathians to the Dnieper in the 4th – beginning of 3rd Millennium BC (Preliminary study)

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Table of contents   Małgorzata Rybicka Introduction   Oleksandr Pozikhovskyj Eneolithic pottery kiln from Ostrog in Western Ukraine   Aleksandr Diachenko, Małgorzata Rybicka, Andrey Hawinskyj, Dariusz Krol, Ghenadie Sirbu New excavations in Vynnyky and the issue of the Funnel Beaker culture – Tripolye frontier   Oleksandr Pozikhovskyj An attempt to define a chronology of the Late Tripolye settlement near the village of Holyshiv in the Western Volhynia   Dmytro Verteletskyi Pottery of Gordineşti group of the Tripolye culture from Vynnyky-Zhupan. Preliminary study   Dmytro Verteletskyi Pottery of Gordineşti group of the Tripolye culture from Zvenyachyn. Preliminary study   Ghenadie Sirbu, Małgorzata Rybicka, Aleksandr Diachenko, Dariusz Krol, Livia Sirbu, Vitalie Burlacu Preliminary results of archaeological investigations at the Gordineşti II-Stinca goală settlement. The 2016 campaign   Marcin M. Przybyła Report on magnetic survey on settlement site of the Tripolye culture in Myrohoshcha, Dubno region   Anna Rauba-Bukowska Specialized analyses of ceramic vessels of the Funnel Beaker culture and the Tripolye culture from sites Kurgany-Dubova, Vynnyky-Zhupan, Mezhyrich, Vynnyky-Lysivka, and Gordineşti II-Stînca goală   Agata Sady Contribution to studies on plant economies of Neolithic communities in Moldova and Ukraine   Iwona Sobkowiak-Tabaka Flint knapping industry of the Funnel Beaker culture population from the site Vynnyky-Lysivka, Lviv district (excavation season 2016)   Jolanta Małecka-Kukawka Results of microwear analysis of flint artefacts from the site Gordineşti II-Stînca goală, Edineț District, Republic of Moldova   Aleksandr Diachenko, Małgorzata Rybicka Volhynian flint and the trans-regional networks of the Funnel Beaker populations   Valentin Pankowski The Late Tripolye and the Funnel Beaker Industries of Bone and Antler from Volhynia to Galicia: The UPTE Contribution   Dariusz Krol Eneolithic settlements of the Funnel Beaker culture and the Late Tripolye culture of the Western Ukraine and Northern Moldova in the topo-hydrological contexts. A comparative study   Aleksandr Diachenko The Late Tripolye: Spatio-demographic frames for culture change   References   Contributors

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