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Borders and Fields, Cultures and Places: Cases from Poland

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Table of Contents: Introduction – Dariusz Wojakowski, PART I: CONSTRUCTING BORDERS: CULTURAL CONCEPTIONS OF PLACE: Chapter 1:  Joanna Kurczewska  – Spaces and Borders as Social Values, Chapter 2: Mateusz Stopa – New Boundaries: Regional Consciousness in the Polish Subcarpathian Voivodship, Chapter 3: Elayne Fracaro-Bieniecka – The Issue of Borders in the Social Imagination, PART II: THE MULTIPLICITY OF SOCIAL FIELDS: CULTURAL DIFFERENTIATION IN SPACE: Chapter 4: Dariusz Wojakowski – Social Fields and Environment: The Cultural and Spatial Dimension of Social Relations, Chapter 5: Agata Nijander-Dudzińska – Local Community from the Perspective of Social Fields, Chapter 6: Alla Karnaukh and Natalya Nesterenko – Social Fields in Ukrainian Immigrant Biographies, Bibliography, Contributors, Index.

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