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Critical thinking in Mathematics: Perspectives and Challenges


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Critical thinking in mathematics: Perspectives and challenges
Božena Maj-Tatsis, Konstantinos Tatsis

Part 1
Critical thinking guiding teachers’ actions in the classroom

Teaching strategies for developing critical thinking skills
Emóke Báró

Word problems developing critical thinking of pupils as seen by primary school prospective teachers
Eva Nováková

Development of abstract thinking through hands-on activities and algebraic niodels
Ivona Grzegorczyk

An analysis of diagrammatic activity and communicating about it in individua! learning support
Barbara Ott, Annika M. Wille

Comparative analysis of textbooks as a way to develop critical thinking in mathematics teachers
Barbara Pieronkiewicz, Małgorzata Zambrowska

Knowledge and self-efficacy of mathematics teachers in speciál education classes fornlearning-disabled students: The differences between multiplication and division
Rachel Filo, Iris Schreiber

Diagnostic teaching and educational support in preservice teacher training
Sabině Vietz, Tobias Huhmann

Part 2
Critical thinking guiding students’ actions in the classroom

The role of critical thinking in data-based argumentation – empirical findings from studies with primary students
Jens Krummenauer, Sebastian Kuntze

Antinomies of problem posing
Zoltán Kovács, Eszter Kóny a

Does this equation describe this situation? Exploring the algebraic thinking of elementary students
Esperanza Lopez Centella. Jana Slezáková, Darina Jirotková

Tool-task dialectic in mathematics classrooms
Huey Lei

Encouraging discovery in substantial learning environments: Designing play and docu rooms
Tobias Huhmann, Ellen Komm

Do students analýze and evaluate the result of their problem solving activity?
Márton Kiss, Eszter Kónya

Problem solving: how do students with different personality types show their critical thinking when solving a mathematical problem?
Linda Devi Fitriana

Immersing in a digital storytelling in mathematics: The students’ reflective action Giovannina Albano
Anna Pierri, Maria Polo

Critical thinking of students in the process of generalization
Anna Pyzara

Probability knowledge effect on critical thinking in young ages
Michaił Zorzos, Evgenios Avgerinos

Students’ creative thinking during solving algebraic tasks
Marta Pytlak

Manifestations of critical thinking in the process of solving tasks by seventh graders
Edyta Juskowiak

Intuition and reasoning – analysis of critical thinking of secondary school students based on paradoxes and sophisms
Mirosława Sajka

Part 3
Critical thinking guiding students’ actions in the early years

Adults’ knowledge of children’s numerical competencies
Pessia Tsamir. Esther S. Levenson. Dina Tirosh. Ruthi Barkai

Mathematics in the kindergarten: Continuing and completing a repeating pattern
Iris Schreiber

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