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Critical Thinking Practices in Mathematics Education and Beyond


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Critical thinking in mathematics education: the researchers’ perspectives Bożena Maj-Tatsis, Konstantinos Tatsis

Part 1 Teachers promoting critical thinking in the mathematics classroom

Mathematical creativity in the classroom: teachers’ beliefs and values Esther S. Levenson
Argumentation, explanation, mathematical proof Maria Alessandra Mariotti
Primary teachers’ pedagogical design capacity for a smooth mathematical transition from primary to secondary education Sotirios Katsomitros, Konstantinos Tatsis
A study on the use of mathematical senses and critical thinking of student teachers Esperanza López Centella
Reflection of pupils’ composition of word problems: a contribution to the development of didactic competences of prospective primary school teachers Eva Nováková
(How) do trainee teachers support mathematical thinking? Tobias Huhmann, Sabine Vietz
Activities suggested by adults: counting and enumerating Esther S. Levenson, Ruthi Barkai, Pessia Tsamir, Dina Tirosh, Leah Guez Sandler

Part 2 Students manifesting critical thinking in the mathematics classroom Learning to reason mathematically with meaning João Pedro da Ponte
Improving understanding of logarithms using cryptography-based activities Ivona Grzegorczyk
Observing critical thinking during online pair work Emőke Báró
First experience with problem-posing: what can be done with a multiplication table? Linda Devi Fitriana
Manipulation possibilities and manipulation realities with digital media by learning mathematics Tobias Huhmann, Chantal Müller
Critical thinking in early arithmetics: discovering and reflecting on task solutions within reciprocally designed learning environments Tobias Huhmann, Ellen Komm
Critical thinking in modelling real-life phenomena based on students’ explorations Eliza Jackowska-Boryc
Metacognitive activities as a means to enhance students’ critical thinking Edyta Nowińska
Difficulties of students with critical thinking during proving Anna Pyzara
One task – different solutions Marta Pytlak
An investigation about the links of geometrical thinking with spatial ability and formal reasoning Andreas Moutsios-Rentzos, Georgia Benou
Critical thinking in overcoming a faulty decision-making system when solving mathematical tasks Mirosława Sajka, Edyta Tomoń
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