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Feathered Creatures Speak: the Study of Semantic Evolution and Phraseology of Domesticated and Semi-Domesticated Birds

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TABLE OF CONTENTS:   Preface Typographic Conventions   Table of Abbreviations   Introduction Chapter 1: Zoosemy as a Type of Semantic Change, The Theory and Practice of Field Analysis 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Studies in Semantic Change in Historical Perspective 1.3 Types of Semantic Transfers 1.4 Zoosemy as a Type of Semantic Change: In Search of Evidence from World Languages 1.4.1 Zoosemic Developments in English 1.4.2 Zoosemic Transfers in Polish 1.4.3 Zoosemic Shifts in Russian 1.4.4 Zoosemic Metaphorisation in Spanish 1.4.5 Zoosemy in Other Natural Languages 1.4.6 Animal Metaphor in Hungarian Zoosemic Transfers in Other Non-Indo-European Languages 1.5 The Proponents of Field Approach in European Tradition 1.6 Semantic Fields and Lexical Fields 1.7 Field Studies in Poland and Abroad 1.8 Field Studies in the Rzeszów School of Diachronic Semantics 1.9 Concluding Remarks   Chapter 2: Semantic Development and Phraseological Productivity of Selected Lexical Items Linked to the Macrocategory BIRDS 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Macrocategory BIRDS Defined  2.2.1 Macrocategory BIRDS in Thematic Dictionaries 2.3 Diachronic Growth in the English Macrocategory BIRDS 2.4 Evaluative Developments in the Subcategories DOMESTICATED BIRDS and SEMI-DOMESTICATED BIRDS 2.4.1 Semantic Evolution and Historical Phraseological Productivity of O.E. Bird Words (hen, cock, chicken, duck, goose, gander, swan) 2.4.2 Semantic Evolution and Historical Productivity of ME. Bird Terms (dove, pigeon, drake, duckling, gosling, ostrich, peacock, pheasant) 2.4.3 Semantic Evolution and Historical Productivity of Mod. Eng. Bird Names (turkey, canary) 2.5 BIRD Macrocategory Research Results Encapsulated     Conclusions   References

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