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Galicia English Teachings: Old Pitfalls, Changing Attitudes and New Vistas

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Table of contents: Editors’ note, Kazimierz Ożóg – Wprowadzenie, THEORETICAL LINGUISTICS: Grzegorz A. Kleparski – What’s in the Name of Helga, Guido and Sandomierz-loving Czesiek: With Special Reference to the Evaluative Load of Dutch in English, Małgorzata Górecka-Smolińska – Feathered Artists, Professional Musicians, Efficient Policemen of the Air: An Introduction to Bird Symbolism, Paweł Grabias – To Cuddle the Knee and Other Problems – Categorization and Translation of Hunting in Poland, Great Britain and Germany, Renáta Gregová and Renáta Panocová – On Phonetic Iconicity in Evaluative Morphology of Slavonic Languages, Robert Kiełtyka – On Morphology – Semantics Interface, Bożena Kochman-Haładyj – English Proverbs – A Contributive Factor to the Stereotype of Woman, Ewa Konieczna – Why Does ‘Obamaphilia’ Win out over ‘the Love for Barack Obama’? A Few Remarks on Nonce-Formations and Neologisms in Polish and English Language Mass Media, Lívia Körtvélyessy and Zuzana Kolaříková – On Phonetic Iconicity in Evaluative Morphology of Germanic, Romance and Finno-Ugric Languages, Marcin Kudła – On the Edibility of Aliens: The Case of Sauerkrauts, Kapuśniaks and Potato-heads, Angelina Rusinek – On the Non-Exclusiveness of Semantic Changes in the Category CLOTHES, Szymon Skóra – Universal Common Features and Tendencies in Human Language, Pavol Štekauer – The Supercategory of Quantity: Inflection vs. Derivation: A Crosslinguistic Perspective, APPLIED LINGUISTICS: Dorota Osuchowska – Interim Report on Research in to the College Students’ Use of Dictionaries in Text Production, Marta Pikor-Niedziałek – Cultural and Stylistic Adaptation in Translation: The Case Study of Forbes Articles, Krzysztof Trochimiuk – Interjections – Complex Expressive Content in Simplistic Packages, Agnieszka Uberman – On Metaphorics and Symbolism of Colour Terms, Anna Włodarczyk-Stachurska – Some Remarks on Selected Currents in the Field of EFL Lexicography, METHODOLOGY: Jacek Macina – Rola przedmiotu technologia informacyjna w metodycznym i organizacyjnym przygotowaniu nauczycieli języka angielskiego, Marta Nowacka – Music and Songs in Foreign Language Teaching, Elżbieta Rokosz-Piejko – Trying to Make the Magic Work – Confessions of a Literature Teacher, Anatol Shevel – Improvisation as a Means of Developing Students’ Language Creativity, Iryna ZadorozhnaDeveloping Learner Autonomy in Language Learning, LITERATURE AND CULTURE: Agata Buda – The Concept of Woman in the Cultural Context of Nineteenth-Century Poland and England, Anna Dziama – The Jewish Sense of Humor as Part of the Jewish-American Tradition in Bernard Malamud’s Short Stories “The Magic Barrel” and “Idiots First”, Sławomir Kozioł – Pop Culture – The Culture of Surface, Alina Leskiv – Realization of Irony in the Unconventional Prose of American “Black Humour”, Małgorzata Martynuska – The Portrayal of Femme Fatale in American Film Noir, Marek Smoluk – The Attitudes of English Society to Sunday Observance during the Restoration, Katarzyna Strzyżowska – The Place of Satire in British Literature – Studied from the Perspective of Englishness.

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