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Galicia Studies in Linguistics, Literature and Culture: The Students’ Voices 1

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Contents: Introduction DIACHRONIC SEMANTICS Barbara Golis The mechanism of foodsemy in various European languages   Agnieszka Grząśko The contribution of the RSDS to the historical study of lexical fields with special reference to zoosemy   Norbert Knutel Sloth, zombie and lazy-dog are cooling out like vegetables – the diachronic analysis of the domain laziness in the history of English   Karolina Kowal Animal metaphor and the Rzeszów School of Diachronic Semantics   Damian Liwo Towards the study of metaphor as essential to human understanding and metaphorical extensions as basic means for extending the lexicon   Ewelina Rogoz Historical developments and phraseological coinage in the field HUMAN BODY LINGUISTICS   Marcin Kornaga Linguistic portrait of women in English and Polish proverbs   Ewa Łamasz A study of the lexico-semantic influence of English on modern Polish: a comparative approach   Michał Organ Equivalence in Polish-English and English-Polish translation of tourist information texts   Paweł Parobek How to trust somebody with words a comparative view on euphemisms in Polish and English   Wojciech Pyć Philosophy of religious language   Mateusz Szal Linguistic aspects of technical translation   Michał Szczęsny The assimilation of English vocabulary into Japanese     LITERATURE AND CULTURE   Anna Gajecka Characteristics of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as the primary setting in the Harry Potter series   Iga Gospodarczyk Kunta Kinte as a representative of African Slaves in Alex Haley’s Roots   Małgorzata Warchał Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums and the influence of Buddhism on the Beat Generation   Katarzyna Właśniewska Flappers – new American women

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