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Galicia Studies in Linguistics, Literature and Culture: The Students’ Voices 3

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TABLE OF CONTENTS LINGUISTICS Izabela CUKIERDA Laughter is the shortest distance between two people – humour as a valuable teaching tool Tomasz GUZEK Automotive branding and marketing under the scope of linguistics Katarzyna JACHIMSKA Teachers and technology – the use of interactive whiteboards Ewa ŁAMASZ The cross-faculty research on intelligence: students’ concepts of human intellect Paulina MORMOL The history of the infamous n-word in terms of political correctness and context-dependence Wojciech PYĆ Religious metaphor in the light of cognitive semantics Alicja RAMUT The semantic drift of fruit and flower as examples of plantosemy in English Karolina TYTUŁA Semantic changes related to the field of MUSIC as representations of various types of semantic alterations Sylwia WILKOSZ Phonetic analysis of geordie accent – the most salient features   LITERATURE AND CULTURE Iga GOSPODARCZYK The phenomenon of Andy Warhol’s fame Judyta HARASIK Female media portrayal: contrastive analysis of latinas, africans, asians and native Americans in the US media Kinga KORNELUK American hip-hop culture and its influences Kinga MIELCZAREK The hippie subculture as the reflection of political and social problems of the United States Małgorzata WARCHAŁ The 1981 and 2008 adaptations of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead revisited and their dialogical context Adrianna WRĘCZYCKA A beautiful woman crying beautifully in beautiful places – Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina in the anglophone film

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