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Galicia Studies in Linguistics, Literature and Culture: The Students’ Voices 6


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TABLE OF CONTENTS, LINGUISTICS, Damian HERDA Collocation analysis and its role in examining delexicalization: The case of English binominal quantifiers, Katarzyna KOPCZYK Power is not a means; it is an end – conceptual metaphors in George Orwell’s Nineteen eighty-four, Katarzyna KOPCZYK, Karolina KUCHARSKA, Piotr MAZIARZ Customising terminographic techniques: The case of legal database, Karolina KUROWSKA ‘The experts at euphemisms’ – how contemporary media shape the language and attitudes of modern women, Mateusz D. S. ROGALSKI An historical analysis of the vernacular of New Haven, Connecticut, APPLIED LINGUISTICS, Arkadiusz PIETLUCH The impact of self-efficacy on a spoken performance: A case study of adult learners of english as a foreign language, Sandra STACHURA, Monika TESZNAR, Beata ZIELIŃSKA The significance of introducing reading strategies in reading comprehension tasks LITERATURE AND CULTURE Katarzyna SOKOŁOWSKA Cockney rhyming slang: Past, present and future Paulina STANIK Martial race ideology: Nepal and the recruitment of gurkhas as portrayed by the british press Sandra STACHURA Folklore elements of the devil’s image in Christopher Marlowe’s Dr Faustus and John Milton’s Paradise Lost Wioletta TEREFENKO Harry Potter – satanic books or a christian story?, Donald TRINDER A return to the great betrayals of the Second World War, Paula WIECZOREK Was Alfred Hitchcock a misogynist? The depiction of women in The Birds (1963), Julia WILDE “With faïrye forth ynome”: The abduction of heurodis and the fairy identity in Sir Orfeo

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