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In Search of the Collocation Value of EFL Dictionaries

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Skrypt dla studentów filologii angielskiej.Contents: Preface, Acknowledgements, Abbreviations, Introduction, 1. The Compiler`s Perspective: 1.1. English Dictionaries for Foreign Learners: Introductory Remarks`, 1.2. Learners` Dictionaries of the First, Second and Third Generation: Unintended Similarity or Plagiarism?, 1.3. The Historical Perspective in Metalexicography, 1.4. Lexicographical Factors in Dictionary Production: The Genesis of the Main Concepts of Modern Lexicographical Practice, 1.5. Commercial, Cultural and Technological Factors in Dictionary Production, 1.6. Theoretical-Linguistic Factors in Dictionary Production (The First Learners` Dictionaries: Glottodidactic Underpinnings, New Developments in Theoretical Linguistics and Their Impact on the Lexicographical Description of Collocation), Summary, 2. The User`s Perspective: Collocation in Dictionaries Used by Learners of English: 2.1. Types of Dictionaries Used By Learners of English: Introductory Remarks, 2.2. Collocation in Monolingual Learners` Dictionaries (Collocation in the Dictionary`s Outside Matter, Collocation and the Dictionary`s Macrostructure, Collocation as Part of the Microstructure), 2.3. Collocation in Abridged Monolingual Learners` Dictionaries (Collocation in the Abridged Dictionary`s Outside Matter, Collocation in the Abridged Dictionary`s Macrostructure, Collocation as Part of the Abridged Dictionary`s Microstructure), 2.4. Collocation in Bilingual Dictionaries: Preliminary Remarks (Bilingual Dictionaries as a Tool in Language Production, Collocation in Abridged Monodirectional Dictionaries, Collocation in Bidirectional Dictionaries), Summary, 3. The Researcher`s Perspective: 3.1. Dictionary Research: Introductory Remarks, 3.2. Towards a Production-Oriented Learner`s Dictionary: Changes in the Dictionary Structure (Re-Designing the Outside Matter, Improvements in the Dictionary`s Access Structure, Changes in the Dictionary`s Microstructure: Introductory Remarks, Mainstream Learner`s Dictionary: Re-Designing the Decoding Section, Mainstream Learner`s Dictionary: Re-Designing the Encoding Section, Re-Designing a Bilingual Learner`s Dictionary), 3.3. Further Research Postulates: Introductory Remarks (The Historical Perspective in Metalexicography: Additional Research Desiderata, Improving Dictionary Criticism, User-Oriented Studies: Introductory Remarks), 3.4. Improving the Learner`s Dictionary Design through Research into Dictionary Use, Summary, Conclusions, Appendix, References, Dictionaries and Other Reference Works.

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