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Innovative Forms of the Use of New Information Technologies in the Labour Market. Forecasts and Prospects


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Contents: Introduction, Chapter I: CONTEMPORARY LABOUR MARKET: The labour market in a market economy, Determinants of changes in the level of demand for and supply of labour resources, Structure and dynamics of the labour market in Poland (years 2000–2009), The labour market in the sector of ICT services, Chapter II: NEW INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON THE LABOUR MARKET: Work through the global network, Internet business in shaping the labour market (The classification of business models, Analysis of online business models, The impact of the Internet on e-business), Chapter III: OPPORTUNITIES AND POSSIBILITIES OF LOOKING FOR A JOB ON THE INTERNET: The use of the global network in the labour market, Employment Consulting and Agencies in the Polish Internet, Virtual career guidance on U.S. portals (Vocational career planning and qualifications improving on the example of Career One Stop, Virginia Career View in planning a career), Chapter IV: TELEWORK AS A MODERN FORM OF WORK: Definition, essence and technological aspects of telework (Definitions of telework, Telework in the EU regulations – framework agreement, Technological aspects of implementation of telework), Legal aspects of implementation and use of telework in Poland, Vocations and areas of development of telework in the global labour market (Industries and occupations performed in the system of telework, Telework for the disabled), Positive and negative aspects of telework (Positive aspects arising from the introduction of telework, Negative aspects of introduction of telework resulting from different conditionings, Social aspects of telework, Changes in the company’s organizational culture), Chapter V: THE FUTURE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND TELEWORK IN POLAND AND IN THE WORLD: Telework in Poland and in the world, Industrial and regional structure of the use of telework in Poland, Economic and social factors of development of telework in Poland, Professions of the future and areas of intensive development in global labour market, The future of telework and prospects of development in the Polish labour market, SUMMARY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, INTERNET SOURCES, LIST OF TABLES, LIST OF FIGURES.

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