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Laboratory of biochemistry and general chemistry for medical students

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Exercise 1. Laboratory organization: rules for working in a chemical laboratory rules of conducting experiments in the laboratory class: biochemistry with chemical elements
Exercise 2. Hard-to-dissoluble compounds and complex compounds
Exercise 3. Solutions
Exercise 4. Buffer solutions and acid-base indicators
Exercise 5. Oxidation-reduction reactions
Exercise 6. Titration
Exercise 7. Application of eletrochemical methods in food analysis
Exercise 8. Lipid analysis 1
Exercise 9. Lipid analysis 2
Exercise 10. Characteristic reactions of sugars
Exercise 11. Characteristic reactions of amino acids
Exercise 12. Protein analysis
Exercise 13. Electrophoresis of blood serum proteins in agarose gel thin-layer chromatography
Exercise 14. Analysis of the concentration of glucose and total bilirubin in serum, determination of the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood
Exercise 15. Normal and pathological urine analysis
Exercise 16. Determination of α-amylase activity
Exercise 17. Detection of enzymatic activity
Exercise 18. Vitamins
Exercise 19. Free radicals
Exercise 20. Distribution of plant dyes

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