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Language, Literature, Culture and Beyond

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Editors’ Note, Grzegorz A. Kleparski: Academic Achievements and Bibliography, Kazimierz Ożóg (University of Rzeszów) – Zapożyczenia angielskie we współczesnej polszczyźnie. Czy językowi polskiemu grozi „imperializm” języka angielskiego?, THEORETICAL LINGUISTICS: Michael Bilynsky (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv) – Constituents Placement in Historical Synonymous Strings: Deverbatives and Etymological Affiliation of Verbal Bases, Artur Czapiga (University of Rzeszów) – Metaphorical Extensions in the Linguistic Picture of Sheep in English, Polish and Russian, Waldemar J. Drążek (University of Rzeszów) – Metaphor, Invited Inference and Meaning Flexibility: Cognitive and Inferential Pathways to Semantic Change, Małgorzata Górecka-Smolińska (Teacher Training College, Nisko) – Bird Metaphor in Polish and English: A Preliminary Overview, Marcin Grygiel (University of Rzeszów) – Cognitive Modelling of Old English Vocabulary in the Conceptual Domain Speaking, Robert Kiełtyka (University of Rzeszów) – Cognitive Theory of Metaphor: Past Achievements, Modern Terminology?, Bożena Kochman-Haładyj (University of Rzeszów) – Social Aspects of Derogation of Women Terms, Ewa Konieczna (University of Rzeszów) – Non-Arbitrary Coding in the Child Language – The Phenomenon of Syntactic Iconicity, Beata Kopecka (University of Rzeszów) – In Pursuit of the Distinction Line between Metaphor and Metonymy, Marta Nowacka (University of Rzeszów) – Do Students and Native/Non-native Teachers Rate Pronunciation Differently?, Angelina Rusinek (University of Rzeszów) – Clothes in the Network of CDs: The Case of Sweater, Dorota Rut-Kluz (University of Rzeszów) – What’s the Difference? Can Relevance Theory Distinguish Between the Political Media Campaigns of Two Parties in the 2007 Polish Parliamentary Elections?, Pavol ©tekauer (©afárik University, Koąice) & Salvador Valera (University of Jaen) – Noun Incorporation – A Cross-Linguistic Research, Magdalena B. Zembrowska (University of Rzeszów) – The Rise of the Language: The Case of Elvish, APPLIED LINGUISTICS: Łucja Biel (University of Gdańsk) – Communicative Distance in Interaction: Verbal and Nonverbal Expression in English, Marta Dick-Bursztyn (University of Rzeszów) – Basic Concepts of Grammaticography and the Design of Pedagogical Grammars, Teodor Hrehovčík (University of Rzeszów) – On an Eclectic Approach to Foreign Language Teaching, Konrad Klimkowski (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin) – What Kind of Translation Classes for English Studies in 21st-Century Poland?, Dorota Osuchowska (University of Rzeszów) – Lexicography in a Language Degree Programme: An Integrated Approach, Marta Pikor-Niedziałek (University of Rzeszów) – Translating National Geographic Articles: Strategies and Techniques, Anatol Shevel (University of Rzeszów) – Motivation Strategies. Upper Intermediate to Advanced Learners, Agnieszka Uberman (University of Rzeszów) – Metaphors as a Method of Conceptualisation in Language, Anna Włodarczyk-Stachurska (Teacher Training College, Radom) – On Designing Polish-English Dictionaries for Young Learners: Towards the Preliminaries, LITERATURE AND CULTURE: Agnieszka Kallus (University of Rzeszów) – Mystery Unveiled: The Symbol of the Rose in Early Verse by William Butler Yeats, Sławomir Kozioł (University of Rzeszów) – From Hommage À Chrysler Corp. to Campbell’s  Soup Can – The Development of Pop Art, Małgorzata  Martynuska (University of Rzeszów) – American Myths about Freedom Presented in Road Films, Anna Pietrzykowska (University of Rzeszów) – Shakesperean Metaphor: Implications for Space, Action, Gesture and Movement, Damian S. Pyrkosz (University of Rzeszów) – Culture and Development: Fostering Mutually Exclusive or Reinforcing Values?, Elżbieta Rokosz-Piejko (University of Rzeszów) – From Pecola to Junior – Black Female Child as the Other in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, Sula and Love, Katarzyna Wywiał-Prząda (Warsaw University) – Poetry after a Dream: David Shapiro.

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