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Management in Europe. Selected aspects

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Contents: Introduction, AGATA PIERśCIENIAK – Management as a process realized in contemporary organizations (The vision of contemporary organization, Definitions and elements of management, The goal in process management), PART ONE: DENISA ABRUDAN, EMILIA NOVAC – Contemporary perspectives of Human Resource Management (Modern perspectives regarding human resources management in the com-panies, An actual approach through organization of human resources manage-ment in the companies, Forming and developing human resources. Building a career, Motivation for the performances of Human Resources, Practical Implications: Methods and Techniques as the tools in the Hu-man Resources Management in the Romanian’s companies), RYSZARD KATA – The new conceptions and methods in the finance management of an en-terprise (Finance management versus modern enterprise management, The process of making financial decisions in an enterprise, The financial strategy and the strategy of financing, Contemporary conceptions of the finance management in view of the en-terprise’s value growth, Practical Implications: Chosen analytical methods as the tool in the fi-nance management of the enterprise), MARTIN MIZLA – Strategic framework of IS/IT (Supply and demand of IS/IT, Integrating information systems and business strategy, Is/it roles and capabilities, Business systems and information resources, Processes for managing the strategy, Establishing the IS/IT strategic planning process), PART TWO: KATARZYNA SZARA – Project management – operations fellow realization of project (Basic definitions and sorts of projects, The substance of project management, Project life phases, Practical Implications: Road Modernization project), BOGDAN WIERZBIŃSKI – The marketing management – importance of globalization as a new environmental relationship (Definitions and perspectives of marketing management, Corporate strategy, Importance of globalization as a new environmental relationship, Marketing strategy formulation, Practical implications: Two Choices), MARTIN MIZLA – Problem solving by using TQM tools (Classic tools, Management tools, Other tools, Problem solving steps), Bibliography, Note about Authors.

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