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Martial Arts Phenomenon – Research and Multidisciplinary Interpretation

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Contents:   Foreword by Prof. Dr hab. Aleksander Bobko   Preface by Dr Roland J. Maroteaux, 9 dan   Author’s foreword: Introduction   Chapter 1. Report of the international Idōkan Poland Association’s research (co-author: Lothar Sieber) 1.1. Towards a general theory of fighting arts 1.2. Spheres of fighting 1.3. Non-Asian martial arts 1.4. Summary of the results   Chapter 2. Bujutsu idō – martial arts medicine   Chapter 3. On martial arts philosophy 3.1. Pragmatism, praxeology and ethics of martial arts 3.2. Stoic philosophy of Asian martial arts   Chapter 4. Sociological dimensions 4.1. Social research of Asian martial arts in Poland 4.2. Sociological aspects of Far Eastern martial arts 4.3. Towards the sociology of psychophysical self-realizational systems – selected examples 4.4. Institutionalization of martial arts   Chapter 5. The lifestyle of people practising martial arts – active, healthy, and creative (co-author: Jong-Hoon Yu)   Chapter 6. Teaching fencing in the Second Polish Republic – Włodzimierz Mańkowski’s school (by Gabriel Szajna)   Chapter 7. Japanese fencing art kenjutsu in Poland (1987-2012) with particular emphasis on Podkarpacie (co-author: Gabriel Szajna)   Chapter 8. Ideas and applications 8.1. Martial arts in Olympic games (by Monika Kubianka) 8.2. Modern pro-European view on matters concerning martial arts teaching qualifications with consideration to European Union recommendations and legal solutions provided by the new Sports Act (by Jan Słopecki)   Chapter 9. Combat systems and martial arts on offer in the market of martial arts. Outline of the issues (by Przemysław Pawelec)   Chapter 10. The personality profile and level of aggression in people practising karate (by Artur Krzyżanowski & Ewelina Przybylska)   Co-authors

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