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Nierówności Społeczne a Wzrost Gospodarczy z. 60 (4/2019)

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Table of Contents  Michał Gabriel Woźniak Integrated development and modernisation of human capital are needed Barbara Chmielewska, Józef Stanisław Zegar Quality of life in the countryside after Poland’s accession to the European Union Anita Szymańska The structure of income inequality with particular emphasis on the economic middle class Jacek Tomkiewicz Expansionary monetary policy and its side effects Renata Pęciak The institutional order of the welfare state and its decomposition. A perspective fromthe Regulation Approach Maria Miczyńska-Kowalska Social inequalities and the development of society from a sociological perspective Magda Wiśniewska-Kuźma Income redistribution and the state’s fiscal system Makoto Masui, Paweł Młodkowski Labour market flexibility in Japan: 1960–2018 Agnieszka Ertman Disparities in wage flexibility in the Polish economy Anna Iwacewicz-Orłowska Influence of social security benefits on the labour market in Poland Barbara Oliwkiewicz Protection of human capital against depreciation as the primary reason for providing compensation Anna Pietruszka-Ortyl Practical dimensions of knowledge transfer in the diverse modern labour market – a research-based discussion Mirosław Sołtysiak Empirical analysis of the perception of financial exclusion in Poland by women Mazia Yassim Social inclusion through service provision for the armed forces community: the officers’ perspective Małgorzata Grzywińska-Rąpca Regional differentiation of households in the context of a subjective assessment of the level of income Teresa Bal-Woźniak Innovation management: subject re-evaluation Guidelines for Authors List of reviewers assessing papers submitted to 2019 year’s issues of Journal „Social Inequalities and Economic Growth” no. 57–60

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