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On Pejoration of Women Terms in the History of English

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Table of Contents: Preface, Typographic Conventions, Table of Abbreviations, Introduction, CHAPTER 1: TOWARDS THE MAIN DIRECTIONS IN THE STUDY OF SEMANTIC CHANGE WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO PEJORATIVE DEVELOPMENTS: The Tradition of Diachronic Semantics: Towards the Main Types and Mechanisms of Semantic Change (Widening of Meaning, Narrowing of Meaning, Transposition of Meaning – Metaphor, Metonymy), Evaluative Changes (Amelioration, Pejoration), Pejorative Developments in Focus: On Degradation of FEMALE HUMAN BEING Terms from Cultural Perspective (In Search of the Causes of Derogation of Words Related to FEMALE HUMAN BEING), A Review of Current Methodology for the Study of Semantic Change (Componential Analysis: Kleparski (1990), Great Chain of Being Metaphor: Kiełtyka (2006), Blending Theory: Grygiel (2005a), Evaluation, CHAPTER 2: EVALUATIVE SEMANTIC DEVELOPMENTS OF ENGLISH HISTORICAL SYNONYMS OF GIRL/YOUNG WOMAN AND WOMAN: Pejorative and Ameliorative Changes of Historical Synonyms of Girl/Young Woman (Concluding Remarks), Pejorative and Ameliorative Changes of Historical Synonyms of Woman (Concluding Remarks), Residue Cases (Not-Evaluative Developments of Historical Synonyms of Girl/Young Woman and Woman), Conclusions, References.

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