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Martial Arts and Combat Sports – Humanistic Outlook

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Contents: Editorial, Preface from Ambassador of Japan Ryuichi Tanabe, Taketo Sasaki – Budo (the Martial Arts) as Japanese Culture: The Outlook on the Techniques and the Outlook on the Human Being, Abel A. Figueiredo – The Object of Study in Martial Arts and Combat Sports Research – Contributions to a Complex Whole, Kazimierz Obodyński – Anthropology of Martial Arts as a Scientific Perspective for Research, Wojciech J. Cynarski, Piotr Kurek – Differences in Research Perspectives of American Hop-lology and Humanist Theory of Martial Arts Developed in Poland, Andrzej Szyszko-Bohusz – Holistic Pedagogy and Theory of Genetic Immortality Related to Combat Sports and Martial Arts in the Contemporary Epoch of Globalisation, Science and Technology, Zdenko Reguli, Michal Vit – Kalokagathia from Aikido Point of View, Stanisław Tokarski, Waldemar Sikorski – Martial Arts at the Cross-Roads – ”Asiatic West-ernization or Western Easternization”, Wojciech J. Cynarski, Kazimierz Obodyński, Artur Litwiniuk, Lothar Sieber – Exemplifi-cation of the Process of Institutionalization of Far Eastern Martial Arts, Carlos Gutiérrez García, Mikel Pérez Gutiérrez – Study on Scientific Production in Martial Arts in Spain from 1990 to Present, Mikel Pérez Gutiérrez, Carlos Gutiérrez García – Bibliometric Analysis of Karate Mono-graphs in Spain (1963–2006), Stanisław Sterkowicz – Training Teachers of Martial Arts and Combat Sports in Poland, Lothar Sieber, Wojciech J. Cynarski, Jan Słopecki, Piotr Ziemiński – Patriotic Education through Budō and Combat Sports: On the Example of Idōkan Poland Association, Abel A. Figueiredo – The Combat Sports in Physical Education Classes – A Basic Perspective, Dorota Pawlik – Maori Haka – Icon of the New Zealand’s Culture, Mirosław Ponczek – The Issues of Sport in Papal Encyclicals and Enouncements of Pope Pius XI (1922–1939), Index of Names.

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