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Pragmatics of social and cultural capital

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Table of Contents   Introduction (Hubert Kotarski)   Jan P. Gałkowski, Hubert Kotarski Cultural capital of the young intelligentsia of Central and Eastern Europe   Javier Mato Cultural Journalists: Fifteen years and still unacquainted with the net. How (the lack of) capital determines the professional behaviour in four Spanish online media   Liliana Mayer, Laura Schenquer Europe outside Europe: developing a German Jewish citizenship in Argentina. The case of the Pestalozzi schule   Svetlana Sharonova Spiritual capital as a fundamental element of cultural capital   Ianis Bucholtz Social capital in an online community. Together with friends and ‘friends’: social capital in an online community   Ainsley E. Lambert, Littisha A. Bates Applying & deciding: students’ differential access to social and cultural capital and the impact on the college enrollment process   Davinia Thornley Mobilizing Maori identity: cultural capital and ex-patriate ‘portable personhood’   Kinga Szabó-Tóth The role of cultural capital in forming and strengthening “double attachment”

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