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Principles of Tourism and Recreation

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Table of contents:   Introduction   Chapter I. Theoretical principles of tourism 1.1. Tourism terminology – introduction 1.2. Tourism beginnings in the world 1.3. Tourism beginnings in Poland 1.4. Contemporary tourism and its development factors   Chapter II. Physical recreation as a social phenomenon 2.1. The concept, scope and types of recreation 2.2. Barriers concerning participation in physical recreation   Chapter III. Chosen aspects of tourism 3.1. Forms of tourism 3.2. Functions of tourism 3.3. Tourism and national economy 3.4. Trends and tendencies in travel industry   Chapter IV. Institutions of education for physical recreation 4.1. Family as institution of education for physical recreation 4.2. The impact of educational institutions for educating young people in physical recreation 4.3. Physical recreation in selected age groups   Bibliography   Vocabulary

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