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Specialist communication: Student training and market demands

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Table of contents   Foreword   Introduction Specialist communication in pedagogical perspective Marcin GRYGIEL and Agnieszka UBERMAN   Chapter I Language of aviation: Remarks on the training of language students Beata KOPECKA   Chapter II Language of law: Court translation in the didactic perspective Edyta WIĘCŁAWSKA   Chapter III Language of tourism: Opening new vistas for adepts of translation Michał ORGAN   Chapter IV Language of Information Technology: Towards developing a translation and terminological competence Magdalena KRAWIEC   Chapter V Language of business: Redefining the notion of ‘language of business’ in accordance with the needs of its users Marcin GRYGIEL   Chapter VI Language of medicine: Medical English for nursing purposes Monika POCIASK   Chapter VII Specialist communication and student training in the USA Marta BOŁTUĆ

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