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Specialist Languages in Use and Translation

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION CHAPTER I On Controversions around Specialist Languages (Lucyna Wille)   CHAPTER II Translating Specialist Texts (Lucyna Wille)   CHAPTER III The Language of the Economy in Translation: Some Aspects of Equivalence (Marta Pikor-Niedziałek)   CHAPTER IV Economy-Related English Idiomatic Expressions in Polish Translation: The Case Study of The Economist (Marta Pikor-Niedziałek)   CHAPTER V Common Law Englishes in Legal Communication: The Case of Family Law (Edyta Więcławska)   CHAPTER VI Extrapolating the Adjective Distribution in the Polish Legal Language: A Pilot Study (Edyta Więcławska) CHAPTER VII Comparative Analysis of Scientific and Popular Science Texts and Its Implications for Translation (Karolina Puchała-Ladzińska)   CHAPTER VIII Translating Popular Science Articles for the Reader (Karolina Puchała-Ladzińska)   CHAPTER IX Tourism Discourse and Delimitation of Tourist Information Texts (Michał Organ)   CHAPTER X Toponyms in Tourist Information Texts (Michał Organ)   CHAPTER XI The Applicability of General Translation Theories to Technical Translation (Mateusz Szal)   CHAPTER XII Specialised Lexicography and Specialist Dictionaries: A Novice Translator’s Compendium (Dorota Osuchowska)   CHAPTER XIII Evaluating Reviews of Specialist Dictionaries from a Future Dictionary User’s Perspective (Dorota Osuchowska)  BIBLIOGRAPHY

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