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Sport for All. As a Form of Education

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Table of contents: Jerzy Kosiewicz – Introduction, Andrzej Pawłucki – Physical Culture Sciences, Mirosław Mylik – The Essence of Sport: Commonplace and Philosophical Interpretation, Michał Mazurkiewicz – The Mythical Journey of the Hero of Sport Based on the Conception of Joseph Campbell, Stanisław R. Bryl – A Symbol as a Means of Expression – In a Sports Game – And an Expression of a Multi-Aspect Identity of People, Jerzy Kosiewicz – Foul Play in Sport as a Phenomenon Inconsistent With the Rules, yet Acceptable and Desirable, Tomasz Bohdan – The Image of a Fan-Consumer as Presented in the Polish Sports Press, Janusz Zieliński, Brygida Sakowska-Kamińska – Changes of Emotional Tension in MMA Sportsmen, Beata Kusiak-Obora – The Usefulness of Social Rehabilitation Values of Physical Culture. Case Study: ‘Housing Estate Coach’ Program in Wroclaw, Władysław Pańczyk – Recreational and Tourist Activity in Light of the Postmodern Health Needs of Society, Anna Pawlikowska-Piechotka, Karolina Sawicka – Amusement Parks, Family Parks, and Playgrounds as Recreation Areas in the Contemporary Urban Environment, Jerzy Chełmecki – Development of Sport in Warsaw at the Turn of the 19th and the 20th Centuries as a Reflection of Social and Political Transformations in the Kingdom of Poland, Barbara Pędraszewska-Sołtys – Warsaw Icons: Modern Sports Buildings in the 1950s, Wojciech Doliński, Krzysztof Pezdek – Sport in the System of Values of People With Disabilities: The Example of Wheelchair Basketball Players From the Team “START” From Wrocław, Zbigniew Pawlak, Andrzej Smoleń – Analysis of Sports Facilities and Trends in Investment Activities of Selected Sport and Recreation Centers in Poland, Andrzej Smoleń, Zbigniew Pawlak – Economic/Financial Situation and Sport Achievements of Leading Professional Football and Basketball Clubs in Poland, Marcin Łodykowski – Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia: Depiction of the Olympic Values and the Beauty of Sport in the First Film Coverage of the Modern Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936.

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