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Sports, Bodies, Identities and Organizations: Conceptions and Problems

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Preface – Georg Anders, President of Eass, Editorial


Roberto Cipriani – Sports, bodies, identities
Wojciech J. Cynarski, Kazimierz Obodyński – Self-identification through bodily awareness in the contemporary mass culture
Jakub Mosz – The body in sport from the view point of evolutionary strategies of Nature
Jannick Niort, Javier Hernández Vázquez, Ana Bofill Ródenas – Dance and intellectual disability: a different dance, a different life
Antonio Borgogni, Stefania Manzo, Simone Digennaro – Perception of Lifestyles. A comparison between sports practising and non-practising of young people
Marc Theeboom, Jikkemien Vertonghen – ‘It is like a finger pointing away to the moon’. Teaching martial arts to children
Davide Sterchele – Youth in the urban space: bodily practices between homologation and creativity
Olga Pereira, Inês Monteiro, Adília Silva, Ana Luísa Pereira – Portuguese Media portrayal of Paralympics Athletes


Alessandra Carraro, Davide Sterchele – Sport, mental health problems and social integration: the need of sociological approach,
Ramón Llopis-Goig – Gender Identities in Sport. Learning, representing and avoiding hegemonic masculinity through football in Spanish society
Nikolaos Patsantaras, Irene Kamberidou – Is Olympic communication-activity a means for the construction of cosmopolitan identities?
Silke Vagt-Keßler – Feelings of Salsa dancers in Germany. An empirical analysis of gender and intercultural aspects
Stefania Manzo, Lavinia Falese – PARKOUR. From the no-intentional didactics to the spectacularization
Oktay Aktan – The Role of Hocas in the Social Integration of Football Players of Turkish origin in Berlin
Giulio Bizzaglia – The measure of the result. An educational issue


Charlotte Van Tuyckom – Six sporting worlds. A cluster analysis of sports participation in the EU-25
Ana Luísa Pereira – The relationship between a sportsman and media: the case of the climber João Garcia
Lucio Meglio – Sport, work and leisure time. The contribution of the Italian Company Recreation Circles
Stefano Martelli – Great sporting events and Italian TV audiences. A sociological research about the public of Olympics, Paralympics, and Football European Cups at Italian television (2000–2008)
Aleą Sekot – Sport and physical activities in the Czech Republic
Irena Slepičková, Pavel Slepička – Sport promotion in microregions
Simone Digennaro – Sport and policy: mapping the Italian sports system via the Advocacy Coalition Framework
Bente Ovedie Skogvang – Football in Norway – The Influence of ”Drillo” on Grass Root Level Football
Hanna Vehmas – Searching for the core reasons of sport and leisure participation – hermeneutics as a theoretical and methodological framework for understanding active leisure, CVN Casalbernocchi
Marco Pasini – Qualitative analysis and Visual methodology for a community study

Part 4: Kazimierz Obodyński, Wojciech J. Cynarski – Conferences of Eass – Photographic Records and Comments.

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