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Studia Anglica Resoviensia, t. 20


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Marta DICK-BURSZTYN – The influence of emotional intelligence awareness on the teaching experiences of university teacher trainees: a quantitative and qualitative analysis
Hanae EZZAOUYA & Iori OHASHI – Exploring the perception of politeness in relation to language attrition and interpersonal dynamics in an intercultural academic context
Tetiana HORODILOVA– A West Germanic diachronic constant: the case of negative constructions
Oleksandr KAPRANOV– Citation and referencing practices in argumentative essay writing by upper-intermediate EFL students
Goran MILIĆ – Blurred lines or Word crimes? On cognitive linguistic contributions to the study of musical parody by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic
Adam PLUSZCZYK – A study of adjacency pairs in the film “Ted”: the case of dispreferred seconds used for a humorous effect
Joëlle POPINEAU – Characterizing legal stylistics with a TXM textometric tool
Karolina PUCHAŁA-LADZIŃSKA– Text’s untranslatability: a blessing in disguise?
Karin SEMANÍK MIKLÓSSIOVÁ – Pauses: unraveling their influence in spoken language
Trinder MAGDALENA– Exploring the relationship between willingness to communicate and cultural capital in a language learning context – a qualitative investigation
Jarosław WILIŃSKI– Boxing metaphors in political discourse: a quantitative corpus-based study

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