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Teaching translation in times of lockdown


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Chapter 1: Lockdown and Its Impact on Higher Education
1.1 Covid-19 and Social Distancing Changing the World
1.2 Lockdown – a Challenge for Educational Institutions
1.3 Psychosocial Cost of Lockdown
1.3.1 Lockdown and Anxiety
1.3.2 Lockdown and Eating Disorders
1.3.3 Lockdown from the Evolutionary Perspective
1.3.4 Post-Covid Stress Disorder?
1.3.5 Advice and Guidance of the World Health Organization
1.4 Studying in the Time of Lockdown – Students’ Perspective
1.4.1 Online Learning – Students’ Perspective: Pros
1.4.2 Online Learning – Students’ Perspective: Cons
1.5 Teaching in the Time of Lockdown – Teachers’ Perspective
1.6 October 2020 – the Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education?
1.7 Making the Most of the Time of Lockdown
1.7.1 Ideas (Not Only) for Students
1.7.2 Ideas (Not Only) for Teachers
1.8 Lessons to Be Learned from Lockdown – Implications for Educators
1.9 The Finnish Model of Education and Online Teaching – an Example to Follow?
1.9.1 Key Features of the Finnish System of Education
1.9.2 The Finnish Model of Education – Inspirational Ideas for the Polish One

Chapter 2: Generations Y and Z: an Unprecedented Teaching Challenge
2.1 Generation Y, the Millennials – the First Generation of “Digital Natives”
2.2 Generation Z, iGeneration – the Second Generation of “Digital Natives”
2.3 Human Brain and Its Enormous Learning Potential
2.3.1 How the Internet Affects the Way We Learn
2.3.2 Technology-Driven Teaching Opportunities
2.4 “Digital Natives” or “Digital Learners”?
2.4.1 What Generation Y Needs in Order to Learn Effectively
2.4.2 What Generation Z Needs in Order to Learn Effectively

Chapter 3: Teaching Translation in Times of Lockdown
3.1 Congratulations! You Are Officially an Online Teacher!
3.2 Conducting Classes via Online Platforms
3.2.1 The Art of (Remote) Public Speaking
3.2.2 MS Teams
3.2.3 Zoom
3.2.4 Skype
3.3 Translation Activities in a Virtual Classroom
3.3.1 Mistranslations
3.3.2 Literal Translation vs Functional Translation
3.3.3 Meme Translation
3.3.4 Oral Interpretation
3.3.5 Project Work

Chapter 4: Be Creative in Order to Spark Students’ Creativity

Chapter 5: What the Future Holds

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