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Text – Sentence – Word. Studies in English Linguistics, vol. 4

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Table of contents:

Petra Aczél, Ágnes Veszelszki – The sciXcom model: A new approach to science communication
Ágnes Domonkosi, Zsófia Ludányi – Address forms and age roles in emailing practices between university students and their teachers
Agnieszka Gadomska – English sentence structure and the principles of style-on the influence of clarity, logic and context on the effectiveness of communication
Mária Gósy – Temporal and disfluency patterns of narratives in old age Snizhana Holyk – The Language about the Ageing Self in English Media Narratives
Przemysław Krakowian – Emerging Digital Cognitions in Computerized Assessment from a Forensic Perspective
Nataliya Panasenko, Dmitry Kryachkov – Some text categories in media communication
Miroław Pawlak – Investigating instructed acquisition of second language grammar: Issues and challenges
David Singleton – Grammatical questions: phraseological answers
Danuta Stanulewicz, Ewa Komorowska – Pink in English and Polish: A corpus study
Lilla Petronella Szabó, Réka Benczes – Granny on the go: A corpus-based study of Hungarian labels for “older adults”
Olga Trendak-Suślik– COVID-19 and the implementation of computerized testing among university students
Magdalena Trinder, Arkadiusz Pietluch – The Correlation between Sense of Self-Efficacy in Speaking and Sense of Enjoyment
Ian Upchurch – Polarising factors in the acceptance of distance learning among university students during the COVID-19 pandemic

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