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Text – Sentence – Word. Studies in English Linguistics II

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Table of contents Preface Cynthia L. Allen – How did that apostrophe get into that possessive? Virgilio Almeida – Communicative competence – an overview Ada Böhmerová – Lexical, semantic and lexicographical aspects of early Latinisms in English as contrasted to Slovak Marta Dick-Bursztyn – Supporting vocabulary learning/teaching in EFL with mnemonic devices     Nataliya Panasenko – Metaphoric and metonymic designation of poisonous medicinal plants        Anatol Shevel – English-Polish-Russian comparative study of grammatical concepts and forms      Piotr Steinbrich – Constructing interactive text: a longitudinal study on the use of pragmatic markers by advanced students of English Agnieszka Uberman – The contrasted frames: PAIN in English and Polish Ian Upchurch – A discourse analysis of persuasion strategies used by students writing in an online forum Zhengdao Ye – Stranger and acquaintance in English: meaning and cultural scripts

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