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Text – Sentence – Word. Studies in English Linguistics III

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Table of contents     Preface   Maria Jadłowiec – Generating explicatures: Free enrichment vs. contextual cognitive fix  Jarosław Krajka – From Globish to BELF – Problems of Building ESP Teachers’ Language Awareness through Data-Driven Learning   Ewa Kusz – Musical Intelligence as a factor determining the choice of a degree course   Przemysław Łozowski – Hamlet’s to be, or not to be in a text-sentence-word translation perspective   Mirosław Pawlak – Grammar learning strategies: Patterns of use   Danuta Stanulewicz – On the use of the lexeme blue in Polish: A corpus study focused on literary texts   Lilla Szabó and Réka Benczes – Mind your rhyme: Insult and derogation in English rhyming compounds   Magdalena Trinder, Arkadiusz Pietluch – Aspects of motivation and their relation to writing performance   Agnieszka Uberman – Sports metaphors in daily use   Ian Upchurch – A qualitative investigation into ‘trolling’ behaviour in an online forum for Polish students of English

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