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The Funnel Beaker Culture in Ukraine

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Seria: Collectio Archaeologica Ressoviensis, t. XLV

A note from the Author
I. Introduction

I.1. The assumptions and the aim of the dissertation
I.2. Spatial and chronological range
I.3. History of the research on the Funnel Beaker culture in Ukraine
I.4. The status of research studies
II. Natural conditions in the development of the Funnel Beaker culture
II.1. The natural environment
II.2. Reconstruction of the natural environment during the period of the Funnel Beaker culture development
II.3. Natural resources
III. Description of sources
III.1. The source database
III.2. Evaluation of the source database
IV. Geographical and settlement analysis
IV.1. Spreading of the Funnel Beaker culture in Ukraine
IV.2. Analysis of settlement locations in relation to natural environmental conditions
IV.2.1. Settlement and types of topography, direction of exposure and altitude
IV.2.2. Settlement and types of parent rock
IV.2.3. Settlement and river network
IV.2.4. Settlement and natural resources
IV.3. Conclusions about settlments
V. Analysis of settlements forms
V.1. Settlements
V.1.1. Location
V.1.2. Systematics of features
V.1.2.1. Houses
V.1.2.2. Storage pits
V.1.2.3. Kilns
V.1.2.4. Defensive constructions
V.1.3. Flint-processing workshops
V.1.4. The size of Funnel Beaker settlements
V.1.5. The inner layout of settlements
V.1.5.1. The house and its surroundings (household)
V.1.5.2. Development of the space within settlements
V.2. Camps
V.2.1. Open camps
V.2.2. Cave camps
V.3. Graves
V.4. Collective deposits
V.5. Single finds
VI. Remarks about the chronology of Funnel Beaker settlement in Ukraine
VI.1. Zymne, the “Horodyshche” site
VI.2. Kotoryny, site Horodyshche III
VI.3. Lezhnytsia, the “Chub” site
VI.4. Rudnyky, the “Monastyryshche” site
VI.5. Mali Hrybovychi, the “Chorna Hora” site
VI.6. Vynnyky, the “Lysivka” site
VI.7. Summary
VII. Synchronization of the Funnel Beaker with the Trypillia culture
VII .1. I mports of the Trypillia culture vessels at the Funnel Beaker settlements
VII.2. Funnel Beaker pottery in the Trypillia culture environment
VII.3. Summary
VIII. The relations between the Funnel Beaker and the Corded Ware cultures
IX. Remarks about Funnel Beaker economy in Ukraine
IX.1. Animal remains
IX.2. Plant impressions
IX.3. Traces of anthropogenic changes in the natural environment. The example of the upper Dnister basin
IX.3.1. Geomorphological studies
IX.3.2. Palynological studies
IX.4. Economic usefulness of the environment – the territory exploited by the settlement
IX.5. Tools
IX.6. Summary
X. Afterword
X.1. Conclusions 9
X.2. Final remarks
XI. Bibliography
Catalogue of Funnel Beaker sites from Ukraine – Płyta CD

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