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The Information Society. Development perspectives


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Contents: Colin F. Hales – The development dimension of ICT’s, Konrad Drozd – Information technologies and development of IT companies in creating information society in Podkarpacie province, Hanna Hall, Ryszard Hall – Methods and tools for realization of Internet marketing research, Jadwiga Pawłowska-Mielech – Internet as a tool for intensifying knowledge and developing skills in children and the youth, Hanna Hall, Ryszard Hall – Using the Internet in marketing research worldwide and in Poland, Maria Sarama – Inequalities in the information society. A statistical analysis of ICT access and use indicators in EU countries, Jolanta Zawora, Paweł Zawora – Information society in Poland compared with other EU countries, Beata Kasprzyk – A cluster analysis of the use of Internet in EU countries, Krzysztof Kud – The importance of information in the realization of sustainable development, Artur Kraus – IT tools in quality management system, Paweł Szura – Basic Methods of Projects’ Management that incorporates Risk Analysis, Roman Chorób – The significance of information, qualification and advising in limiting obstacles in the development of integrating processes between agriculture and the food industry

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