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Time-Series Analysis of Pollen Seasons in Rzeszów (SE Poland) in 1997–2005 with reference to phenology


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Table of contents:   I.  Introduction   II. Characterization of study area 1. Geographical localization 2. Flora and vegetation of the region and city 3. Climatic conditions 3.a Climate in the region 3.b Weather in Rzeszów during the survey (1997–2005)   III. Methods 1. Aeropalynological monitoring 2. Data analysis   IV. Results 1. Basic descriptive statistics 2. Dynamics of the main atmospheric pollen seasons (MAPS) for selected pollen taxa 3. Time structures in the total pollen season 3a. Total pollen seasons 3b. Time structures, first rank (TS1) 3c. Time structures, second rank (TS2 I–V) 4. Similarities of pollen seasons of particular taxa in the total pollen seasons 5. Synchronization of pollen occurrence of particular taxa 6. Similarity of pollen spectra 7. Characteristics of phenological seasons on the basis of pollen occurrence 8. Similarities of pollen spectra within phenological seasons 9. Similarities among pollen taxa occurrence in the phenological seasons 10. Synchronization of selected pollen taxa occurrence in subsequent phenological seasons 11. Pollen as an indicator for phenological seasons 12. Characteristics of phenological season on the basis of ecological parameters   V. Discussion   Summary   Conclusions   Acknowledgements   References   Podsumowanie

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