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What ought to be a person’s relationship to society? Polish Struggles with the Selected Problems of Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Politics


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Contents: Chapter 1: Some methodological issues (Introduction, Paradigms of political and legal concepts), Chapter 2: In search of philosophy of law (Discussions on the subject of philosophy of law, Shaping the notion of  “philosophy of law”, Place of philosophy of law in the post-war Poland, Philosophy of law. Naturalistic approach vs. positivistic approach, Philosophy of law vs. the history of philosophy of law, Philosophy of law and the history of political-legal doctrines, The relation of philosophy of law to the theory of state and law, Relation: philosophy of law vs. other scientific disciplines), Chapter 3: In search of politics and its philosophy (What is politics?, Democracy in the Postmodern Era), Chapter 4: The problem of hegemony of liberalism and the alternatives available (Some Disagreements with Liberalism, The idea of Rechtsstaat and law-making through interpretation, Is the Catholic Social Teaching a version of liberalism?), List of references.

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