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Journal of Education, Technology and Computer Science 1(31)2020

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CONTENTS, Editorial, Part one SELECTED PROBLEMS OF PROFESSIONAL LIFELONG LEARNING, Stefanos Armakolas, Athina Kazana, Maria Mitroulia Distance Sustainable Education. Incentives and Expectations, Oksana Kondur, Oksana Katsero, Irina Trubchanina System Analysis of Globalization Processes’ Axiological Evaluation on the Bolon Process Ethiology and Chronology, Valentyna Saiuk Pedagogical Counseling as a Professional Activity of Specialists in the Field of Education, Vladislava Lubarets, Dmitro Pavlenko, Tetyana Litvinova Education Process Digitalization in Sociocultural Activity Managers’ Training, LADISLAV RUDOLF, DANIEL NOVAK, JAN PAVLOVKIN, VIKTOR NOVAK Optimization of Vehicles’ Trajectories by Means of Interpolation and Approxima- tion Methods in Education in Technical Fields of Study, Part two SELECTED ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATIONAL PROBLEMS, Wiktoria Sobczyk, Anna Kowalska, Jacek Sobczyk Exploitation of Minerał Resources for Sustainable Development on the Example ofPoland , Koji Cristobal Ishimi Perny, Wiktoria Sobczyk The Anthroposphere and Mining Activities, Part three SELECTED PROBLEMS OF CONTEMPORARY EDUCATION, Christine Hilcenko How Does One Learn? Is There a Method? Aneta Raczykowska Artificial (un)Intelligence – an Opportunity or a Threat?, Slayoljub Hilcenko Comment: ICT in Preschool, Peter Kováĉik Requirement of New, Effective Educational Programs – Necessity for Futurę Development of Society, Tomasz Prauzner Didactic Significance of Modern Simulation Programs in Vocational Education – Divagations from Own Research, Marlena Duda Fatigue and Health Behaviour of III Youth from Rural and Urban Areas, List of reyiewers in year 2020

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